Our Practice Areas

  • Management Consulting Services

    Management consulting is our core business, with a focus on human capital management. With every client challenge we are faced with, we craft a tailored solution fit for the challenge closely with our client through open dialogue. Our management consulting solutions range from shorter-term / focused initiatives tackling a specific intervention area, to longer-term / broader approaches integrating different intervention areas.

    • Organizational Solutions

      Diagnostic Audits
      Operating Models
      Organizational Design
      Corporate Governance
      Workforce Planning
      Policies & Procedures

    • Reward Solutions

      Role Profiles
      Job Families
      Job Evaluation
      Grading Structures
      Career Paths
      Reward Systems
      Salary Surveys

    • Talent Solutions

      Performance Management
      Competency Modeling
      Succession Planning
      Capability Assessment
      Leadership Development
      Psychometric Profiling

  • Psychometric Profiling Services

    Whether being a component of an integrated consulting project or as a stand-alone service offering, we provide the full range of psychometric profiling services: tests of reasoning ability, questionnaires of personality traits, emotional intelligence, management derailers, and role-specific inventories to name a few. We also provide an end-to-end solution to 360° competency surveys. All of these services are provided through Psytech International’s online platform, where Arabic language and Middle East norms are selectively available.

    • Psychometric Instruments

      Ability Tests
      Personality Questionnaires
      Other Inventories

    • Psychometric Solutions

      Competency Solutions
      Development Solutions
      Role Solutions

  • Corporate Training Services

    As transfer of know-how is increasingly becoming more important for effective implementation of consulting interventions, we bring our different areas of expertise to the reach of our clients through active learning in-house trainings in the subject matters we know best. We also cater to special topics beyond the human capital domain through our local and international network of seasoned trainers.

    • Organizational Training

    • Reward Training

    • Talent Training

    • Psychometric Training

    • Business Skills Training

  • Employee Engagement Solutions

    Organizations nowadays are establishing their goals and identifying the areas in which they will focus their improvement efforts. For many organizations, employee engagement represents a top priority. Leadership teams, as well as employees themselves, are continuing to seek ways to increase engagement levels.To help organizations focus their engagement efforts, we make sophisticated employee engagement surveys simple and empower organizations to capture engagement insights in one place by conducting key driver analyses identifying the factors that have the most impact on employee engagement.

    • Bespoke Survey

    • Engagement Data

    • Online/Offline Surveys

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